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My warm welcome to all who visit this TodayRate.in. Here I would take your little time to get myself introduced to you. I am Madhan Balaraman and I reside in Chennai, Tamilnadu. I have been in the world of blogging as an active participant in delivering innovative and useful content for the audiences. Right from 2015, I have been indulging in this blogging platform. My core purpose is to serve a wide group of audiences all around the world with certain information that I know. After all, I have created a blog in order to serve my stored information online and let it reach and be accessible to all those who are searching.

In fact, I am thrilled on this journey. However, it gives me great pleasure that I could come a long way from my beginning in 2015 to till now. I hope that my blogs and content are really useful to the readers and they find it useful.            

I am really thankful to people who have made my blog writing worthwhile. I always thank all my visitors from the bottom of my heart. In fact, it’s really exciting for me when I hear many comments from the readers that the blogs are quite useful. And these are the words that always make my work and journey better always. Since I have started blogging I have gone with feelings of great gratitude towards all my friends and visitors who spend their valuable time at my blog to read for a while. I have received a number of emails and calls that reach me with messages of ‘I am a new follower’, great content, useful information’, etc.

Many of the comments have so touched me. I am very happy to hear such words from people related to my posts, and those words often make my day.

I take this moment to say a great thanks to all and continue the support. As you guys get through here, this TodayRate.in is a health blog. Living a healthy life is no longer a dream or hard to get things if you know the right information. If you have relevant information and good friendly advice at your disposal, you can make it easier and more fun.

What you can expect from this blog

You can find out about the most recent movie news, release dates, and synopses from your favourite Hollywood arenas here. Because most people are looking for good information about films on a regular basis, this film and entertainment site can provide a limitless amount of space for potential readers, as well as some of the must-see movie reviews and more.

If you have any idea for my blog or me, then you can send me your thoughts at the address given below.

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Chennai, Tamilnadu.
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