Rice University Transfer Acceptance Rate 2024 : Ranking, SAT & GPA Requirement

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What You Should Know About Rice University Transfer Acceptance Rate: If you would like to get to know the likelihood of gaining admission into Rice university, you should know about its acceptance rate and more. This blog will serve as a complete guide to knowing the essential information to acquire admission into the university.

About the University

  • Rice University was established on September 23, 1912, and its founder is William Marsh Rice.
  • Situated in Houston, Texas, Rice University is a popular and world-class private research university.
  • It has the pride of being among the top-ranked universities in the country
  • Placed on a 300-acre forested campus, Rice University is only a few minutes from downtown Houston.
  • Some of the key aspects of the university that attract students are its engaging campus life, tight-knit student community, and excellent research opportunities.
  • The university serves as a hub of over 40 interdisciplinary research centers, institutes, and consortia.
  • Research forms the basic part of the undergraduate experience at the university
  • Rice University holds the top tank of #1, for its Quality of Life, by the Princeton Review, which truly represents the standard of campus life.

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University Information

Total students7,956
UG Students53%
PG Students47%
International students2,765
UG Students38%
PG Students62%
Total faculty staff1,014
Domestic Staff65%
International staff35%

Rice University Transfer Acceptance Rate

It has been reported by the Rice Thresher (a student newspaper of Rice University), the lowest ever Rice University acceptance rate as 8.56 % in 2022.

In the fall of 2021, Rice University acceptance rate for transfer students was only 14.8%. This indicates one in every seven transfer applicants is only accepted by the university.

In 2019, the university received nearly 684 transfer applications among which the university accepted only 78. This means to stand for the acceptance rate of 11.4%.

An Overview of Rice University Admissions

  • Number of Applicants at Rice University in a year is 29,544
  • Rice University Acceptance Rate: 9%
  • Application Deadline – January 1st
  • Application Fee – $75

The university possesses the pride of holding a prominent place among the 50 competitive universities for graduate and undergraduate programs.

Rice university’s transfer acceptance rate varies from year to year. There are certain factors that have an influence on determining the acceptance of applications. This includes the strength of the applicant in total, enrollment goals of the university, and availability of transfer spaces.

Rice University – 2022 Rankings

  • No. 17 in national University – (tie)
  • Ranked 6 in the Best Undergraduate Faculty (tie)
  • Ranked 5 in Top High Schools for Value

Rice University Transfer GPA requirements

Rice University needs at least a college GPA of 3.2, which is based on a 4.33 point scale. Other than this Rice University also demands a minimum high school GPA of 3.2.

Those who have been accepted as transfers are typically said to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Rice Transfer Deadline

  • Rice University provides options for a fall and also a spring transfer.
  • At Rice, the transfer deadline applicable for fall applicants is March 15.
  • The deadline for the University for Spring Applicants is October 1.

Rice University Admissions Requirements

Admission interview – Recommended

Requirement of standardized test scores – Not SAT or ACT

Academic GPA – Very important

Class Rank – Very important

Application Essay – Very important

Character/Personal Qualities – very important

Extracurricular Activities – Very important

Recommendations – Very important

Rice University Enrollment by Ethnicity

White: 33.4%

Black: 6.36%

Asian: 19.6%

Hispanic or Latino: 11.9%

Two or more races: 3.5%

Requirements of Standardized Test Scores

The admission process of Rice involves considering standardized test scores.

Considering the academic year 2022, 46% of first-year students of Rice submitted their SAT scores along with their applications. On the other side, 29% of admitted applicants submitted ACT scores.

In order to become a competitive transfer applicant, the SAT score should be between 720 and 770 or higher.

You can become a competitive applicant if you have earned an ACT score between 32 and 35.

Test Score Statistics for the class 2026

Assessment25th Percentile  75th Percentile  
SAT Composite15001560
ACT Composite3436

Rice Transfer Decision Date

  • The Rice transfer decision date for spring enrollment typically takes place by December 1.
  • Fall decisions of the university are taken on a rolling basis through May 31.

Early application to Rice transfer

For those who are interested in applying early to the university, you can check the official Rice website for early applications.

Regarding the early decision acceptance rate at the university, it is 18%. In 2022, there were 478 applications, out of the 2635 students who applied for early decision at Rice University.

Rice University Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition at Rice University is $54,960. This cost is comparatively expensive with the average tuition cost of $41,568 in the nation.

Rice University Tuition & Expenses: 2021-2022

Tuition & fees  2021-2022  
In district In State Out of State Books/Misc$52,895 $52,895 $52,895 $1,300
Room & Board  $14,800
Other expenses$2,750
Room & Board  $14,800
Other expenses$2,750
Off-Campus With Family
Other Expenses

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Financial Aid 2021 – 2022

Type of AidReceiving aid %Amount received (in average)
Federal Grants50.0%$4,372
State/Local Grant4.0%$3,563
Institutional Grants61.0%$47,455


Need-based scholarships will be considered based on the financial status of the student. Based on the community service involvement, personal background of the student, taking into consideration the employer or military affiliation of the parent, or unique hobbies or traits, students may get qualified for the scholarships.

How can you get into Rice University?

Rice University transfer acceptance admission is assessed by assessing each student with their community, school circumstances, and background. To put it simply, Rice university’s transfer acceptance rate is competitive.

The application process at the university is simple and the students can do this by completing the Common Application, along with an application fee of $75. If you can meet the compatibility requirements of Rice University, including a high GPA, excellent test scores on the ACT and SAT, and an exceptional essay, you are a competitive applicant.

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