Georgetown University Acceptance Rate 2024 : A Comprehensive Guide

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Georgetown University Acceptance Rate: Want to Get into Georgetown University? – Here Is the Acceptance Rate and More Information.

If you are looking into getting into the oldest Jesuit institution in the U.S. – Georgetown University, you probably require some essential pieces of information. This article can serve you as the best guide.

About the University

Georgetown University is a private, coeducational, and the oldest Catholic and Jesuit private research university in the US for higher learning. This popular and competitive institution has top-tier academic programs, and undergraduate and graduate schools.

Find here some of the key facts about the university.

  • Established in the year 1789
  • John Carroll is the founder of the university
  • Some of the majors in the university include the Graduate School, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Walsh School of Foreign Service, Nursing, and the schools of Law, Medicine, Business, and Languages and Linguistics.
  • There are three campuses at Georgetown University.
  • There are other campuses in various parts of the world – Alanya (Turkey), Doha (Qatar), and Fiesole (Italy).

Georgetown University Acceptance Rate

If you have an eye on obtaining admission to this elite university, then it is important that you know its acceptance rate.

As stated by NCES, Georgetown University acceptance rate is 12 %.

This means the university accepts 12 out of 100 international applications and is highly competitive.

Overall Acceptance Rate – The class of 2025

 Class of 2025 indicates that out of 27,650 applicants, only 3226 students were accepted. This stands for 11.7% which is the lowest acceptance rate of all time for the university.

Acceptance Rate based on Major at Georgetown University

  • Biology: 5%
  • Business: 55%
  • Political Science: 17%

Georgetown University Class Profile – For the Class of 2024

Overall Applications Received 21,318
Applications Accepted3,309
Acceptance Rate15.5%
Overall Student Enrollment17,130
Undergraduate Enrollment7,590
International Students10%
Countries Represented138

Georgetown University Admission 2023

  • The university had an 11.9% acceptance rate for 2021 undergraduate admissions.
  • An acceptance rate of 48% is observed for Graduate courses at Georgetown University
  • The MBA program, popular in the university, received nearly 1,625 applications, and out of that 782 were selected.

SAT Score

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration while you are applying to Georgetown University. Some of the vital things are:

  • Test scores (SAT/ACT)
  • High school grade point average
  • Extracurricular activities

Let us see about the SAT requirements here.

SAT Requirements 2022-23

SAT SectionAverage Score (50th Percentile)25th Percentile            75th Percentile
Reading & Writing725690760
Composite Score146513801550

Georgetown University expects the applicants to have an SAT score of at least 1370.

SAT testing policy is now considered optional for those students who have graduated high school at Georgetown University.

Georgetown ACT Scores

ACT Section25th Percentile            75th Percentile
Composite Score3235

Georgetown University accepts those students who have an average ACT score of 32 and above. Typically, the ACT score range for the middle 50% of applicants is 32-35.

  • Prospective students who submit an ACT composite of 34 or higher will have considered in the upper half of applicants.
  • Students having 35 and more will possess very competitive chances to get into the university.

Georgetown Estimated GPA Requirements

So, what GPA score do you need to get admission into the university? There need to be exceptionally good grades if you like to make your admission into Georgetown University.

The average GPA at Georgetown is 4.06.

 This clearly says that Georgetown is Extremely Competitive for GPAs.

Along with this GPA requirement, the university needs the applicants to be at the top of the class. If you have a GPA below 4.06, then you should have a higher ACT score to compensate for that and make you a competitive applicant.

High School Class Rank

85% of Georgetown University freshmen were observed to be in the top 10% of their high school graduating class. The below table will make you clear on this. (Data is based on the source – Peterson’s Data).

High School Class RankFreshmen Within Range
Top 10% of class85%
Top 25% of class97%
Top 50% of class99%

Georgetown University Early Admissions

Overall, 8,832 early applications received by Georgetown University. This is a new record high. And out of this 881 students were admitted which shows an admission rate of 10%.

Admission Statistics

Application DeadlineApplication FeeAcceptance Rate
January 10$7512%

What are the admission requirements?

There is no common App used for admissions for Georgetown University. Instead, it has its own app. If you want to apply to the university, you should fill out a unique application form of the university and you will also have to face an alumni interview.

What will be included in the application?

  • Georgetown University application
  • Secondary School Report
  • Application Fee of $75.00 (non-refundable) – have to be paid in USD
  • Application Supplement
  • College Board Scholastic Assessment Test/ American College Testing Program results
  • College Board SAT Subject Tests scores

Georgetown University Enrollment – By Ethnicity

  • Asian – 9.78%
  • White – 46.6%
  • Hispanic or Latino – 8.12%

Georgetown University Admissions – Important Dates to Remember

Georgetown University Admissions ActivityDeadline
Application SubmissionASAP
Regular Decision Application10th January
Regular Decision Result1st April
Early Decision Application1st November
Early Action Results15th December
CSS Profile submission1st February
FAFSA submission1st February

Georgetown Tuition & Cost

So, how much does it cost for you? Find all information in the below table.

Sticker Price – $81,515

Books and Supplies$1,200
Room and Board$17,758
Other Fees$173
Other Expenses Budget$2,600

Thus the annual list price for those interested in joining Georgetown University on a full-time basis as per 2021/2022 is 81,515.

Tips for Your Admission

  • Start drafting essays early
  • Be authentic and accentuate the skills
  • Acquire high standardized test scores
  • Be prepared with all required documents
  • Shine in your interview

Look at the deadlines for the admission tasks and make the activities accordingly. Visit the official website of the university for any latest updates.

Since Villanova University is selective every year, be cautious of good SAT/ACT scores, and a 4.0 weighted GPA to stand out for admission.

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